Rayshell McDonald

Rayshell McDonald started her massage career in Bozeman graduating Health Works Institute 1000 hour program in 2014. She was lead to this career by her desire to help people, understanding how important touch is for wellness and overall mental well being.  She is highly skilled in deep tissue, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, and sports massage. She is always educating herself on other methods to bring to her massage practice. She recently traveled to Costa Rica to learn “The Lauterstein Method,” which incorporates the art and science of bodywork, with roots in the traditions of Rolfing, Myofascial Release, Cranio-sacral therapy, and Zero Balancing.  When she is not in the massage room she enjoys any kind of travel or being outdoors. Her favorite place is in the mountains hiking or by a river somewhere with her two wolf dogs enjoying nature.

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Liz Allen, Focus Massage Therapy

Liz Allen has practiced therapeutic massage for 12 years. Liz began receiving massage in her early 20’s, to improve a whiplash from a decade-old injury. Her recovery convinced her to go to massage school and help others. She uses myofacial release, deep tissue massage, cranial sacral therapy, and passive stretching. She became a certified practitioner for Maya Abdominal Therapy in October 2015. Maya Abdominal Therapy aids digestive disorders, infertility issues, and painful menstrual cycles. Liz has practiced yoga for 15 years, is a writer, a tap dancer, and a telemark skier. She can often be found riding her bike around Bozeman.

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Lindsey Marrow, Running Bare Aesthetics

Lindsey Marrow, Owner of Runningbare and Certified Aesthetician, has many years of experience in the skin care industry. Lindsey strives to make peoples’ lives better and connect with each client individually. Lindsey’s clients feel like they’ve known her for years after one appoinment.

Her knowledgeable of internal health and the health of skin makes her an exceptional advocate for client wellness. Lindsey is passionate about the outdoors and spending time with her family and friends. In her spare time she is either hunting, fly fishing, hiking, designing interiors or building furniture.

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~Energy Healing~

Colleen Lane, Lightness of Being

Intuitive life coach and energy healing practitioner. Learn to live your authentic self and allow your passions to lead you to your true purpose.